Advantages Of Sectional Garage Doors

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Are you trying to decide what type of garage door to purchase, but can't make up your mind? Then consider a sectional garage door because of the attractive benefits you'll receive. Some of their advantages include more space and compatibility with a variety of garage opening shapes. To make an informed decision if sectional garage doors are a great choice for you, take the time to learn more about them. Here are some of their top advantages for your consideration when choosing a sectional garage door:

Weather Proof

Even in times of high wind and rain, your garage will be protected against the elements of the weather. That's because sectional garage doors have all-round seals between the different sections. Furthermore, the bottom seal provides a secure interface with the floor of the garage - even if it's irregular. This is because the bottom lip of the door has a large profile.

Saves Space

The sectional garage door when in the open position will move upwards and along the length of the garage ceiling. This is advantageous because it means that there is no need for a lot of space to be used up near the garage opening, which is the case with other types of garage doors like roll-up ones. Also, the door will not create tight height restrictions while in the open position. This is an attractive feature for those who have a relatively high vehicle.

Wide Passage

Some garage doors will reduce the width of the garage opening, and that makes it difficult to drive a wide vehicle in and out of the garage. This is the case with up and over garage doors. Fortunately, the sectional garage doors do not reduce the width of the garage opening. So if you have an off-road vehicle that is wide, then sectional garage doors are a good match.

Flexibility Of Fitting

Not all garage openings are of the same shape. Some are square, while others have a dome shape at the top. However, regardless of what garage opening shape you have, sectional garage doors are a good match because they can be installed with any shape or size.

The only installation consideration that must be made is the ceiling of the garage. There has to be enough space for the door to freely open up without hitting any lighting fixtures or other components such as air conditioning units.

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