How to Diagnose 5 of the Most Common Garage Door Problems

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If you pay a reasonable amount of attention to the upkeep of your garage door, then it should last you for years without any signs of problems. Many of the issues encountered are due to poor general maintenance, but how can you be specific in identifying the problems? Here are some of the most common issues encountered and what you can do to remedy.

Garage Door Is "Stuck"

This is often due to obstructions or inadequate lubricant. Leaves and other debris can easily get caught in the track, especially in the autumn season. Remove any obstructions from the wheel tracks first. When was the last time you lubricated the moving parts? Always use the manufacturer's recommendation, as different temperatures and weather conditions can affect efficiency.

The Door Operates Unevenly

Firstly, check for any obvious obstructions or debris in the wheel tracks. If you have no issue here then it's possible that the springs may need attention. Compare one to the other. They should be of the same length when compressed and stretched. If not, you will need to get them replaced.

The Door Falls Quickly

Usually this is caused by faulty cables or springs that have lost their tension. Always check the mechanisms when the door is in the closed position for safety. If the cables appear to be frayed or otherwise damaged they will need to be replaced.

When the door is in the closed position the springs should be fully extended. If there is any "play" at this point then they will need to be replaced. Generally speaking this is not a job that you should attempt yourself, unless you have the correct tools in order to secure the door while working.

The Door Makes Screeching Noises

A fully functioning garage door should be very quiet. You may have become accustomed to screeching, squealing and grinding when opening and closing. This is a sign of poor maintenance. Clear out any debris or dirt from the track and use the proper lubrication in its place. Avoid the use of harsh cleaners, as this could damage the aluminium surface and make it difficult to achieve smooth operation.

The Door Still Won't Function

Check for obstructions, clean out the wheel tracks, properly lubricate everything, and check the security and operation of the springs. The only other potential problem area is the garage door motor itself. This usually comes as a complete unit and will need to be replaced as such. Consult an electrician or a garage door specialist like AAA Panels & Garage Doors for help.