Basic Information on Wooden Window Repairs

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It doesn't matter if you have the most expensive wood windows that money can buy, eventually they will have problems that need to get fixed. There are two basic categories of window repairs; these include having to repair or replace the glass and fixing any problems with the frame or sash of the window. Below is information on the window sash and window frame issues for wooden windows.

Read the information below and you find out that window repairs is something you can do on your own with no worries or issues at all. To help make things a bit clearer the sash of the window is where the glass is held:

Dealing with Woodwork that is rotted:

Right from the start if there is rot from the weather you can use an epoxy wood filler to fill it in. More often than not this issue will occur near the sash or the sill of the window. To properly go through this process follow the steps below:

Step One:

Take a chisel to remove the wood that is rotted and loose, then drill a couple holes in the damaged area that are about a quarter of an inch. Take a liquid epoxy and place over the damaged area, let it soak for five and then keep applying the liquid epoxy and wait until the wood no longer absorbs it. Once the area has stopped taking in the liquid epoxy you can move to the next step.

Step Two:

Take your epoxy filler and mix it as the instructions tell you to do. When you have properly mixed the epoxy filler you can then start by repairing the area by molding. Place the epoxy filler and let it cure; take the end of a paint stick or a putty knife and flatten it on the epoxy and window, pack the epoxy in and shape it as desired.

Step Three:

Take a file or sandpaper and sand down the area until it is all flat and smooth. You can also use what is known as a rasp to do this.

Step Four:

After you have sanded everything down there may still be some dips, this is because the surface is pliable. To fix this you need to take a putty knife and apply some vinyl patching. Once applied you need to let it dry and then you can sand it and repeat again if you need too. When you are done with this be sure to prime the wood and paint the wood within the next three days after performing this window repair.

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