What to Look For When Purchasing Security Doors for Your Home

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Security doors can be a great way to add protection to your home's entryways, front and back. A security door with a heavy-duty lock can make your home virtually impenetrable without making it feel like a prison. As with any other accessory for your home, however, not all security doors are alike. Note a few tips on what to look for when purchasing security doors for your home.

1. Steel frame

When a door is kicked in, it is usually the frame that splinters and allows the door to break open, not the door itself. This is why you want a steel frame with your security door. Attaching a new security door to an old wood doorframe will not do much good by way of offering you protection. You also want a door with its own frame as the door needs to be hung evenly and properly inside the frame in order to stay secure and to open and close easily. If you were to hang your new door into an old frame and it was not even, you may notice the door sticks or has gaps that allow for drafts.

2. Material

While thick oak or mahogany can be very secure, metal is almost always more difficult to break through than any type of wood. Aluminum is harder to kick in or break open with some type of pry bar than wood, and steel is even stronger than aluminum. Note too that you want to ensure the material is protected from the elements; powder-coating will not fade under direct sunlight or chip and peel away as paint often does, so consider powder-coating for your door even if it's more costly than standard paint. 

3. Built-in bolts 

You can always add deadbolts to any door of your home, but it's always good to look for a security door that has as many deadbolts as you want already installed. This is because deadbolts need to be drilled and installed properly in order to work effectively, so you might not want to rely on installing them yourself after you purchase a door. You also might not have a drill strong enough to drill into the steel frame of your security door in order to install new deadbolts. Look for a deadbolt with three pins for the most strength and security, and choose one that locks on the inside with a key so that no one can break a nearby window and reach around to open the deadbolt handle and gain access to your home.