Frameless Shower Screens: Less Cleaning, Better Hygiene

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Many people choose frameless shower screens for their bathrooms or shower rooms because they feel they look better than traditional framed designs. A frameless screen gives a contemporary feeling of clean lines and space in any bathroom. This kind of screen works particularly well in small rooms, as its frameless design makes your shower space look bigger and less cramped. However, frameless showers don't just have aesthetic benefits, but may also make your bathroom easier to clean and more hygienic.

Cleaning Benefits

If you have a framed screen, you have to clean the shower's frame as well as its glass. Shower glass is relatively easy to keep clean and won't take up too much of your housework time. The same can't necessarily be said for shower frames. Over time, as you use your shower regularly, frames can clog up with soap scum, limescale and residue, and you may need to spend an increasing amount of time keeping the frames, and their nooks and crannies, clean and looking good.

A frameless shower screen only has a few fixing components holding it in place, making it easier and quicker to clean and maintain. You don't have to worry about water or moisture getting in to the screen's fixtures, as they are typically much easier to clean than frames. Plus, your primary cleaning surface – glass – takes less time and effort to maintain than a metal frame and its seals.

Hygiene Benefits

The frames on shower screens are a magnet for unwanted substances. Some, like soap scum, may just make a frame look dirty; others may introduce hygiene problems to your bathroom. Frames that develop problems with mildew or mould can be harder to clean, and you may need to deep clean or treat them regularly to keep the problem at bay.

Substances such as mould may also spread to other surfaces in your bathroom, such as your tiling, especially if your ventilation isn't great.  According to the NSW Government's Environmental Health Branch, mould may not be harmful to most people, but it may affect the health of those who are sensitive or allergic to its spores.

A frameless shower screen is unlikely to create mould and mildew problems and is typically much more hygienic. This kind of screen removes the frame and its parts from the equation, leaving fewer places for these substances to grow. Plus, more of the screen is visible, which makes it easier to spot possible problems and deal with them early.

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