4 Types of Doors for Your Wardrobe

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If you are currently looking to remodel your bedroom, you might be thinking about choosing a new type of door for your wardrobe. There are a few different doors to choose from, whether you want traditional or modern styles. While the size of your wardrobe does make a difference in what door options are available, the following list of doors can help you make your decision.

Sliding Doors

A common type of door for wardrobes is the sliding door. This may have one, two or even three doors that slide along tracks near the bottom of the wardrobe. These come in many different styles, including traditional and rustic. You can get sliding doors  from a company like Mitchell Aluminium in just about any colour or material, from classic white to bold red. You can also choose to get mirrored doors, which provides you with full-length mirrors for changing. Another idea is to go a little more unique and have sliding barn doors installed. Sliding doors are best for wardrobes that are wider and span the length of a wall in your room.

Bi-Fold Doors

Another style of doors you might want to choose for your wardrobe is the bi-fold door. These doors are made with two panels that are connected with a hinge. There is a single door handle that opens both door panels to show the entire wardrobe space, instead of just a single hinged door. This door can be used with wardrobes of different sizes and styles, including long wardrobes and walk-in ones. It is also relatively easy to install, often easier than a sliding door with a track.

Pocket Doors

A pocket wardrobe door is similar to a sliding door, except it disappears entirely inside the wall. While traditional sliding doors are still seen against the wall when being opened, the pocket door goes inside a compartment built into the adjacent wall. These are best for people who like to keep their wardrobe open a good deal of the time. If you use the wardrobe as a type of display for your jewelry or have a small desk inside with your computer, you might want to choose this style of door.

Swinging Doors

For a smaller wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe, you might want to choose a standard swinging door. This type of door is similar to other doors in your home where it is attached to hinges and swings outward when opening the wardrobe. It is typically less expensive and easier to install than other types of doors. However, in a small room, it might not be the most convenient option.