Commercial Premises: Factors for Automatic Door Selection

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The entrance to your commercial premises should have a strong, durable and user-friendly door. One of the ideal options to consider when upgrading your business space is the automatic door. This type of structure is designed to open and close without manual effort. It is the best option for disabled people on wheelchairs because the doors do not require contact with door handle or knob to function. In addition, the automated door will streamline the movement of people and improve the visual impact of your business premises. Here are the main factors to consider when purchasing an appropriate automatic door.


There are different configurations used when fabricating automatic doors for installation in commercial buildings. These designs include sliding, swinging as well as folding doors. The right product for you will depend on the availability of space in the building and the nature of movement. Sliding doors are suitable for handling two-way traffic flow into and from the premises. The feature will open the entryway completely, so it is an ideal choice for heavier traffic, for example, in retail stores.

The swinging alternative is fabricated to open outwards or inwards, so it is only suited for one-way traffic. If you want to control the flow of business traffic efficiently, this is the most ideal choice. One swinging door can be used as an entrance while the other will be the exit since they will open from one side only. The folding configuration is designed to fold the panels after opening, so this door is suited for premises with limited space.

Potential Traffic

You should think about the number of people that will use the automated door. These products are not infallible, so you should ensure that the door can handle the application. In simple terms, if the internal components of the doors have to be in constant operation or have to move more times than recommended, the internal operational elements will strain and fail prematurely. The doors are often rated by the number of times that the entryway should be operated per unit time or basically, the average number of people passing per minute. Ensure that this specification matches your requirements.

Types of Sensors

There are different types of sensors incorporated into the modern automatic doors. You should consider the environment in the commercial premises before selecting your ideal door. For example, motion sensors are built to detect movement before opening, so they are not suited for areas where will people walk by randomly. To curb this problem, consider installing weight or special optic sensors.