2 Reasons Why Security Plantation Shutters Are ideal For Your Urban Home

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Living in an urban environment can offer an exciting and vibrant lifestyle, with every convenience right on your doorstep. Unfortunately, it can also mean higher levels of crime, including burglaries and home invasions. Creating both physical security and an emotional feeling of safety within your urban home is very important, and to achieve these factors, you will need to install security products on your home's entrances.

After doors, many urban home-owners feel that the windows of their home are the most vulnerable parts of the house, especially if they're on ground level and accessible from the street. Traditionally, metal bars or security grills have been used for the purpose of securing windows, but recently security plantation shutters have become an increasingly desirable option. Here are two reasons why this type of shutter might be perfect for your urban home.

1. They're highly effective

Unlike traditional plantation shutters, security shutters are specially designed with security in mind. Hidden within the decorative louvres there are tough, aluminium slats which provide an almost impenetrable layer between the interior of your home and the outside world.

When the shutters are closed, the shutters form a solid sheet of aluminium, leaving no gaps which could be prised open with a crowbar or other tool. Even prolonged attempts by would-be burglars to batter through the shutters will prove futile, and the noise caused by attempting this will soon alert you or your neighbours in a densely populated urban area.

Security plantation shutters are also excellent for protecting the glazing on your windows. When the shutters are closed, the glass is inaccessible and will be protected from attempts to smash it, whether by burglars or vandals.

2. They're visually appealing

Traditional security for windows has generally involved bars, screens, or grilles. While effective, they can also be unsightly, may block your view, and can also limit the amount of natural light that enters your home. They can also seriously detract from the overall architectural design of your home.

By contrast, security plantation shutters are sleek, unobtrusive, and stylish. They come in a wide range of colours, so you can choose an option that either blends in seamlessly with your home's exterior or offers an attractive contrast to the exterior colour.

You can also choose from a large number of louvre sizes and profiles, which allows you to customise the look of your security plantation shutters to suit your personal taste and your home's design. Many manufacturers can even create a timber-look profile for your shutters if you live in a period home.

Security plantation shutters are both a highly practical and very beautiful choice for your window security. If you're still unsure whether they're the right option for your home, then it's wise to give your local shutter supply company a call to find out more.