How Certain Types of Doors Can Help You Protect Your Business

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Job number one for any owner of an industrial or commercial property must be to ensure the safety of their staff and visitors. They also have to think about securing the property and the materials inside from unwanted entry. How can roller shutter doors answer all of the questions here?

Fire-Rated Shutters

One of the biggest risks for any property like this is the onset of fire. In large buildings especially, it's important to have a fully coordinated system to protect from fire, including a variety of different defence devices. A fire-rated security shutter should be a critical part of this system, able to instantly segment a building into compartments in the event of an outbreak. This will make it a lot easier to control both the flames and the smoke, which will help to keep the fire contained until fire services can arrive on the scene.

Control Mechanisms

Fire-rated shutters can be controlled by a central panel, or they can be set up to activate automatically when certain conditions are met. Once the temperature reaches a certain level, an automatic release arm will be activated, which in turn pushes down the spring and allows the door to close. The door is always regulated so that the descent is controlled according to its weight and size. It's also possible to connect smoke detectors to this system as another trigger mechanism.

What to Look for

It's important to always select models that are made in accordance with Australian Standards. They need to be able to contain a fire once activated. They should also have been tested to make sure they allow firefighters to work in very close proximity to the shutter, once closed and in the act of containment.

Galvanised Steel Shutters for Security

Galvanised steel shutters are a sensible option wherever high levels of security are required. These units are a great deterrent to those who would seek to vandalise or to enter your property and show a crook that you mean business.

Insurance Benefit

Don't forget that when you install one of these safety devices, you may well be able to get a discount on your insurance premium, as you will be making significant efforts to protect your business venture. Always ensure that the products you get are made to recognised standards, though, and only work with organisations that have experience in selling these top of the range products.