More Ways to Add Security to Your Home, Without Plugging In Anything!

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If you want to add security to your home, you can invest in a very expensive and complicated alarm system, and certainly, an alarm can be a good way to deter intruders and keep you and your family safe. However, for technophobes, or those who find a computerized alarm complicated and out of their budget, there are some other ways to add security to your home, without plugging in anything. Note a few of those suggestions here:

Add deadbolts

Thick, heavy-duty deadbolts should be added to your entryway doors, even if these doors already have one deadbolt; a second or third deadbolt can mean more protection from the door being kicked in or a lock being picked. A thick door frame that won't splinter and provides a solid foundation for the deadbolt can also be a good choice for the home's entryways. Windows can also be outfitted with deadbolts so they can't be pried open, as can the home's garage door.

Shatterproof glass

If an intruder can't pry open your home's windows, they may just throw a brick or rock through the glass to gain entry. Upgrade the lower story windows and the patio door wall to shatterproof security glass. Many storefronts use this type of glass to protect from thieves, as a brick or rock may just bounce right off it rather than shattering the window!

Roller shutters

Roller shutters that you can close over the windows can provide privacy as well as security. Intruders often like to check the inside of a home before breaking in, but roller shutters can block the view and keep someone from breaking or prying open a window. These shutters also keep the windows safe during a storm or when the kids are playing outside, for even more security for the home's windows!

Making the home look uninviting

If you're afraid that you might be a target for home intruders because you live alone, make it seem as if the home is occupied by more residents. For example, you might buy a pair of men's old work boots in a large size, and leave them outside the back door, and it will appear as if there is a big, burly man at home! Get an oversized dog food and water dish and leave those outside as well; a "beware of dog" sign, especially one that indicates a large, aggressive breed, may also deter a potential home intruder or thief.